Dragon Babies! – April 15, 2023

Two weeks ago I launched my Patreon and I’m having so much fun! 

For anyone who missed the news, every tier will have early access to a work in progress. The first one will be Want For Nothing, Book 6 of The Chosen One! This is the long-awaited dragon babies book. I also did a cover reveal for the book this week. So, if you want to see the cover and have early access to chapters, join me on Patreon. 

If you don’t join Patreon, will you still be able to read Want For Nothing? Absolutely! The addition of Patreon is to add another avenue for readers to get content. For example, Want For Nothing will have chapters released on Patreon as I write, but once the book is complete it will be released on Amazon like always. Patrons will just be able to read the story a lot sooner.

Click here to join me on Patreon and read Want For Nothing.

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