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Sweet Spot
  • Published: May, 1 2020
  • Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Sweet Spot

When the goddess tells Augustus Eastaughffe to go to the mountains to find what he needs, he's more than happy to comply. The billionaire griffin is in the midst of a deepening mystery and expects to find some of the answers he seeks. Instead, he finds a captivating human who proves to be sweeter than any he's ever met. 

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Double or Nothing
  • Published: October, 10 2019
  • Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Double or Nothing

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A Chosen One Universe Novella: Mikey Smith lives with what he calls his "flickers". When he's out in the world, sometimes other people flicker and change into something terrifying that no one but him can see. He's been diagnosed with epilepsy, but part of him knows what he sees is real. When two men walk into his coffee shop, his world is turned upside down when they transform into something else... and they know he can see them.


Already mates, Asher and Quillon aren't expecting to add a third into their mix... but neither of them are opposed to the idea either. When they meet Mikey, they're drawn to him from the first moment. He's a human exposed to their world, though, and the consequences are severe. Can Asher and Quillon protect their new human mate from the forces that threaten him?

Cosmo and the King
  • Published: January, 1 2022
  • Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

Cosmo and the King Book 1

When Cosmo learns the faun king is in the human realm. He panics. See, Silenus happens to be his fiance... and he's never told anyone that he ran away on his wedding day, leaving his king at the alter.

Silenus made a deal with the devil-- the queen of the fae-- when he learned the human realm was going to be closed, keeping him separated from his mate and betrothed. He has to track down Cosmo and convince him that they are meant for each other, even though his stubborn fiance seems determined to challenge him at every turn.

Cosmo doesn't know Silenus's new status, though, and the hunt is now on. Silenus is facing a dark and dangerous path, and he wants nothing more than his consort at his side.

Chosen Champions

Jamal Chosen Champions

Want to know what happened between Jamal and Erich during their mysterious few days alone? Click here for a steamy bonus story you won’t want to miss.

Magical Mates

Sugar Honey Iced Tea Magical Mates, Book 3.5

Bonus Scene for I Kid You Not **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Nothing But Trouble

The Trouble With Love
  • Published: October, 10 2019
  • Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza

The Trouble With Love Nothing But Trouble, Book 1

Vaughn Jerrick's life has changed completely. He's the adoptive alpha and father to six shifter cubs, and he's the mate to a human he loves more than life itself. There's only one problem. He's been so focused on the kids, he's forgotten to truly romance Sam. With Valentine's day approaching, Vaughn decides to give his mate a romantic evening. If only it were that simple. Chaos comes in all shapes and sizes, but Vaughn quickly realizes that the trouble with love is that it isn't any trouble at all.


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Santa Trouble
  • Published: December, 12 2019

Santa Trouble Nothing But Trouble, Book 2

You Better Watch Out

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What happens when a group of shifter children misunderstand exactly who Santa Claus is? Santa Trouble, that's what. When Jack overhears a conversation about Christmas, he thinks Santa is out to challenge his siblings right to be an alpha's kids. Not to fear, though. The Jerrick pack kids are nothing if not resourceful and they come up with an epic plan to stop him in his tracks. 

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