I’m Finally On Patreon – April 4, 2023

For a while now, I’ve been asked by readers to join Patreon. I knew it was something I was interested in, but I needed to do some research to make sure it was the right fit for me. So, at long last, I made the leap and joined.

I’m so excited to be able to have another platform to interact with readers. While there will be lots of fun things, including swag, that will be found on my Pateron, the biggest thing will be early access to a work in progress. The first one will be *drumroll* Want For Nothing, Book 6 of The Chosen One! This is the long-awaited dragon babies book. So, if you want early access to chapters, Pateron is where you will find them.

To answer the two most common questions I get…

Are you getting rid of your Facebook group? No. Nothing is changing in the Facebook group. This is just another place for readers to interact with me, get early access to WIPs, and more!

If I don’t join Pateron, will I still be able to read your new books? Absolutely! The addition of Pateron is to add another avenue for readers to get content. For example, Want For Nothing will have chapters released on Pateron as I write, but once the book is complete it will be released on Amazon like always. 

Click here to join me on Patreon.

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