Plans For 2023 – May 13, 2023

This week I want to let you know about a lot of the fun things that are in store for you this year.

The biggest news is that I’ve finally joined Patreon. I’m loving interacting with everyone and sharing some fun exclusives. You’ll see me getting more active throughout the year. Plus, all Patrons will receive early access to Want For Nothing, the long-awaited dragon babies book, which is the sixth in The Chosen One series.

Another thing I’m very excited about is heading to GRL in October. I’m going to be a spotlight author this year. I hope that everyone who is attending will take a minute to stop by and say hi. I haven’t been able to do many reader events in the last few years, so it will be wonderful to see everyone! I will be doing a book order form when we get closer, so if you’re wanting signed paperbacks you’ll be able to pick them up at GRL.

I spent 2022 with three main focuses. The first was getting my backlist out in audio. If you love audiobooks you can now listen to my books in audio. There are still a few newer books that I’ll have details about soon. 

The second thing was doing an overhaul of my website. Not only do we have a lot of information on the website, but I also now have a web store. So, if you’re wanting to purchase signed paperbacks but you won’t be at GRL, you can now purchase them through my web store. Toward the end of the year we’ll be adding some new swag and merchandise. 

The third thing was to begin translating my backlist into German. The first four books and the prequel of The Chosen One series (Der Auserwählte) have been released, with the final book up on pre-order. We’ve begun the translation process for the Hellhound Champions series and will get more information out soon.

Keep an eye out in the newsletter for some upcoming sales announcements. I’m going to be putting several titles on sale throughout the year. Be sure to open your newsletters quickly, some sales will only be for 24 hours.

Another thing I love to do every year is celebrate Pride by doing a number of giveaways. There is always a newsletter exclusive giveaway, but I will also be doing a handful of giveaways in my Facebook reader group and one on Instagram. If you’d like to participate in all the giveaways, be sure to join my group and follow me on Insta. 

We’re also going to be doing a HUGE Christmas in July celebration this year. I have a lot of things planned, including some new content and giveaways. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so you’ll be getting info on that as we get closer to July.

I don’t know when yet, but later in the year I will also be offering hardbacks. We’re still in the early stages, so I don’t have much to tell you yet, but I wanted to let those who are interested know that they are coming!

As for WIPs, I currently have Want For Nothing (Dragon babies!, The Chosen One #6), With Kid Gloves (Ollie’s book, Magical Mates #4), Oracle (Ben’s book, Chosen Champions #5) and Scandalous (Shifter Scoundrels #3, co-written with Charlie Cochet) planned for release. I have other things in the works but I’m keeping those plans to myself for now. *muahahaha*

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