The Wedding Night (Augustus and Jamie)


I really wanted to write this scene but it didn’t fit in Aleron’s book. So I wrote as a bonus for you! I hope you like it. It was so fun seeing Augustus and Jamie again. 


It took Augustus longer than he wanted to escape from the formality of the wedding events. Was it rude? Yes. Did he care? No.

All he cared about was getting his hands on his husband.


The word itself sent a thrill straight to his cock. It wasn’t the first time he’d been married. Hell, Jamie wasn’t even his first mate. But Jamie was his in a way that no one else ever could be. Jamie was special in every way, and now, through the eyes of both the human and the supernatural communities, they were bound together.

Jamie’s beaming smile was all Augustus ever needed to see, and even as he carried his husband out of the tent, Jamie’s laughter filled his soul with joy. He ignored the guards around them and carried Jamie up to the house.

He had a surprise for his husband, one that had been difficult to keep secret. In fact, Augustus hadn’t planned on showing Jamie until after they returned from their honeymoon. He’d changed his mind, though. He wanted this night commemorated not by the photographers he’d hired, but by the one he’d married.

“Augustus,” Jamie said with a laugh and kicked his legs. “Put me down.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then I’ll barf all over this perfect ass of yours. I might have eaten a few too many shrimp.”

Augustus had Jamie back on his feet a split second later. He looked over his mate carefully but all he could see was Jamie’s smiling eyes—even if his skin did have a slightly green tint.


“Better now.” Jamie held up his hand and stared at the simple gold band he’d picked out.

It was the only thing Jamie had really put his foot down on during the planning of the wedding. They’d hired a coordinator whom Jamie really liked, and everything had come together nicely with all of them working together.

But when it had come time to pick out the rings, his darling boy had absolutely thrown a fit. He wanted a plain gold band, and that was it. As much as Augustus wanted to argue, the look in Jamie’s eyes had stopped him.

Augustus lifted his hand and held it up next to his husband’s. “A matching set.”

“Yeah.” His happy sigh sent a surge of desire through Augustus once more. He absolutely couldn’t get enough of this delightful man. The goddess had once again served him well and sent him exactly the right person to fill the void that had been in his life since his wife’s passing.

“I have a surprise for you,” Augustus said.

“Oh! You’re going to tell me where we’re going for the honeymoon?”

Augustus snorted. It was a completely inelegant sound that drew an adorable pout from his mate. “You’ll find out when we get there.”

“Then how do you have another surprise for me?”

Jamie was really very sweet and had no idea what Augustus and his billions could do right under his nose.

“Surprising you is my favorite thing to do in the world,” Augustus said. He pulled Jamie closer and tucked their hands between them. The gold bands glistened in the moonlight, much like Jamie’s eyes when he looked up at Augustus.

“Well, that’s convenient, because being surprised by you is my second favorite thing in the world.”

Augustus frowned. “Second?”

“Yep. The first is being with you. Preferably naked but clothed will do as well. You really do look fantastic in a tuxedo.”

Augustus laughed and kissed Jamie before pulling away. “Let’s go see if we can do something about that first one.”

“We’re just leaving? What about—“

“My son, niece, and nephews will handle everyone. Plus, I’d already warned the wedding planner we’d be escaping the first chance I got.”

“Her name is Beatrice,” Jamie said.

“I know her name. And everything else on her resume. I even know the name of her kindergarten teacher. Do you think I’d allow someone unknown in such close proximity to my greatest treasure? You know how we griffins feel about our treasure.”

Jamie blushed and leaned into him. “I love it when you say that.”

Augustus knew the words meant the world to Jamie. It was why he repeated them as often as he could. He hoped one day his mate would truly believe it, but they still had a lot of past trauma to work through. Their therapist assured them both they’d get there.

And yes, they’d both begun to see a therapist. Initially for pre-wedding counseling, as Jamie wasn’t familiar with either their world or what being a mate meant. Not to mention what it meant to be the mate of one of the richest, most powerful creatures in the realm. And, if Augustus were totally honest, he’d had a few things to work out himself.

They stood together for another moment while Jamie let the words sink in. He always needed those few seconds. When he lifted his head again, it was with the smile Augustus loved so much. “Show me already. I need my surprise.”

Augustus laughed and released Jamie from his hold. “Come on, then.”

He held Jamie’s hand as he walked into the house and led the way down one of the seldom-used back hallways.

“Where are we going?”


“Not my virtue, husband of mine. That’s your thing. My middle name might as well be impatient. James Impatient Eastaughffe. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Augustus laughed and shook his head. “I don’t believe the paperwork regarding your name change has been sent in yet. We can make it happen.”

Jamie cackled and shot another impish grin Augustus’s way. “I bet you have a few other ideas for what my middle name should be.”

“I can think of a few. They’re all too lewd for the mate of such an important man as myself, however.”

Jamie burst out laughing and pulled Augustus to a stop. He leapt up into Augustus’s arms and wrapped his legs around his waist. “I love you so much.”

“And I you,” Augustus said. “You have no idea how much, my love.”

“Do too,” Jamie argued.

Augustus scoffed again and slowly started walking toward their destination. “Do not.”

Jamie began nibbling on Augustus’s neck. “More than anything. That’s how much. You already told me.”

“This is true, but you have no concept of exactly how much that is.”

“Sure I do. It’s as much as I love you. So, a lot.” Jamie raised his head again, his lips pink from where they’d been teasing at Augustus’s skin. “A lot, a lot.”

“So eloquent.”

“Pfft. You didn’t marry me because I use fancy words.”

“This is true.”

“You married me so everyone would know I’m yours.”

“Also true.”

“And maybe because you couldn’t imagine a day of your life without me in it.”

Augustus shivered. “Don’t even say such a thing.”

Jamie grinned and it gave Augustus a chance to gesture to the guard outside their destination. The guard opened the door and slipped away without Jamie even noticing his presence. “Because you love me that much.”

“I do.” Augustus had already spoken the vow once that day, and he didn’t mind repeating it.

Jamie let out a happy sigh before frowning. “You stopped walking.”

“I did.”

“Aren’t you taking me somewhere to ravish me?”

Augustus laughed. “Ravish you? Really?”

“Come on. You know what you do could easily be called ravishing.”

“Perhaps. But I stopped walking because we’ve reached your surprise.”

Jamie wiggled around and saw the opened door behind him. “I don’t see a bed in there. Or tons of candles. Or rose petals. Augustus, did you break your romantic bone? I’d ask if you broke your boner, but I already know that’s working just fine. I can feel it.”

Augustus lowered Jamie to the ground. “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll let you decide if I’m broken or not.”

Jamie looked a little nervous as he glanced toward the darkened room. He held Augustus’s hand and moved forward. Once they crossed the threshold, Augustus turned on the light.

The gasp of pleasure was everything Augustus had hoped it would be. Jamie covered his face with his hands as he surveyed the space Augustus had custom designed with his mate and his many talents in mind.

“My studio,” Jamie said.

Augustus couldn’t hold back his smile as Jamie hurried off to explore the equipment. He slipped off his jacket while he waited, then untied the bow tie around his neck. He left it dangling there, then unbuttoned the first few buttons of his white silk shirt.

Jamie finally turned to him with a beaming smile, which quickly turned to a heated gaze when he saw Augustus’s state of undress.

“I thought it only fair that I be your first official subject in your new space,” Augustus said.

“You’re going to pose for me?”

“I am.”

Jamie shivered. “Why is that so damn hot? You’re going to get naked, aren’t you?”

Augustus shrugged and unfastened another button. “If that’s how my photographer wishes me to be. You’re the artist, my love.”

“Ohmygod,” Jamie said, the words blending together in a gasp of pleasure that Augustus would never tire of hearing. “This is gonna be so much fun.”

Jamie ran around and began turning on the lights. Augustus had conveniently arranged for a chaise to be set up in front of a backdrop. It didn’t go unnoticed by his mate.

“You’re really good at surprises.”

“I know.”

“I’m gonna take great pictures of you. And no one will ever get to see them but us. They’ll be my greatest treasure. Well, besides you of course.”

Augustus smiled. “And that was my hope.”

“I need my—“

“Your camera bag and equipment are on the desk.”

“Get naked and get on the chaise,” Jamie demanded.

Augustus laughed and did as his mate wished. Jamie’s focus had changed to his camera and the lighting, and as Augustus stripped, he had to deal with Jamie’s gadgets testing the lighting and him adjusting everything just so, even Augustus’s body.

When Jamie finally looked through the lens of the camera, Augustus made sure the look he sent his mate’s direction let him know exactly what he was thinking.

Jamie groaned as the flash went off. “I still can’t believe you look at me that way.”

Augustus ran his hand down his chest, making sure the golden band on his left hand was in clear view. “What can I say? I love to be surrounded by beauty.”

“And my smart mouth, don’t forget that.” Jamie lifted his head and grinned as the flash went off a second time.

“Oh, I rarely forget about your mouth. Or the amazing things you do with it.” Augustus slid his hand lower and wrapped it around his cock. The flash went off again. Then Jamie slipped out of his own tuxedo coat and tossed it aside. “Getting hot, my love?”

Jamie grunted. “Do that again, but move your hand a little so I can see your ring.”

Augustus did as Jamie commanded, groaning at the feel of his hand on his cock. “Wish your mouth was on me now.”

Jamie’s breath quickened. “Now that’s a wish I can grant.”

Before Augustus could argue, Jamie tugged off his tie and flung it to the side. The buttons on his shirt didn’t stand a chance against the force of his hands as he ripped it open. It took mere seconds for his mate to be completely naked and storming his way with a very intense look in his eyes.

Jamie straddled him a moment later and ran his left hand up Augustus’s chest to his neck. The flash went off, and Jamie’s wicked grin let Augustus know he planned on photographing more than just him.

“How’d you do that?”

Jamie leaned closer then moved his right hand into Augustus’s view. “Remote control.”

“You think you’re going to be able to focus enough to do that once I put my hands on you?”

Jamie shook his head. “Probably not, but I figure I’ll start hitting the button without realizing it soon enough. And then I’ll have the fun of seeing the images later.”

“You’ll have the fun?”

Jamie’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Depends on whether or not I get to know where we’re going on our honeymoon.”

“Oh, we’re bargaining, are we?” Augustus pushed his hips up. His cock moved along the crease of Jamie’s ass.

“I know you love to drive a hard bargain,” Jamie purred. “Very hard, from the feel of things. So, what’ll it be? You keep your secret and I keep mine? Or we both share?”

Augustus reached beneath the chaise for the tube of lube he had placed there earlier. He’d had no doubt what would happen on this very spot and had planned accordingly.

He stealthily added some slick to his fingers before reaching around and tracing them over his mate’s hole. “I normally negotiate my deals for hours,” Augustus said.

“I’ve got plenty of time,” Jamie said.

Augustus slid the first finger into him, and Jamie groaned. The flash went off again. And Augustus had no doubt Jamie had won the battle. He’d do anything to see the images they’d make together.

“An island,” Augustus moaned as he added another finger.

Jamie sank down onto his hand and the flash went off again. “Wha’?”

Augustus withdrew his fingers and moved his cock into their place. “An island,” Augustus repeated as he thrust upward.

Jamie’s body opened for him as it always did, taking him deep into his hot, tight hole. The flash went off as Jamie moved his hands to Augustus’s chest, his body adjusting to the intrusion. He opened his eyes with a gasp as Augustus grabbed Jamie by the hips. “What island?”

“Our honeymoon.” He lifted Jamie a few inches then slammed upward again.

Jamie groaned and the flash went off. “Fuck, Augustus.”

“Yeah, my love. We are.”

“An island?”

Augustus lifted his husband again, easily managing his weight as he moved Jamie the way he wanted him. Jamie leaned forward, and Augustus’s reclined position on the chaise gave him easy access. They were going to make beautiful photos together.

“Private,” Augustus gasped. “Talk about a hard bargain. I had to call in a few favors.”

Jamie began moving in time with Augustus’s thrusts, the flash going off on occasion, almost as if his mate wasn’t even thinking. In fact, every time Augustus hit that one—flash—spot, it fired.

“W-what kind of favors?” Jamie gasped. He held on to Augustus’s shoulders and stared down into his eyes.

“The kind I’d only do for you.”

Jamie gasped. “Deal with the devil?”

“Worse. A celebrity.”

Jamie was so startled he dropped down, seating himself fully on Augustus’s cock. He grinned. “You totally bought the one from the show, didn’t you?”

Augustus shrugged. Of course, he had. They’d been watching one of those inane celebrity gossip shows when Jamie had seen images of a private island. Augustus had never seen Jamie look so intrigued by a place, and then he’d finalized Augustus’s decision by sighing and saying he wished he could visit the place someday.

“You planning on buying me everything I say I like?”


Jamie began to move then, rolling his hips and raising them up and down. “What if I say I like Brad Pitt?”

“I’ll make him disappear and it’ll be one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries.”

Jamie laughed and leaned closer. He put both of his hands against Augustus’s cheeks. The remote dangled from his fingers as he leaned in and brushed his lips over Augustus’s. “I’ve never wanted anyone but you from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

“I know.”

Jamie kissed him again. “But I might want to meet Brad Pitt one day.”

“I’m sure the dragons will enjoy making a meal out of him. I’m sure he’s tasty and good with ketchup or whatever that silly expression is.”

Jamie sighed and continued moving his hips. Augustus could tell from his expression it wouldn’t be long. It never was when they were in a silly mood like the one they were currently in. “What if I want the Eiffel Tower?”

“I’ll take you there,” Augustus moaned and began to thrust faster. “You’ll change your mind.”

“It’s pretty, though,” Jamie said, his hips gliding up and down. He began to pant and slid his hands back down to Augustus’s shoulders for support.

“And it is exactly where it belongs. As are you.”

Jamie cried out, Augustus’s claiming words pushing him over the edge. His mate’s ecstasy took Augustus with him, and he thrust upward one last time as his release spilled deep into his husband’s body.

“The things you say,” Jamie groaned as he fell forward against Augustus’s chest. “It gets me right in the feels.”

“If by feels, you mean it gets you in the dick, then yes.”

“Such crude language from such an elegant man.”

“What can I say?” Augustus quipped as he ran his hands possessively down Jamie’s back and over his ass. “You bring out the best in me.”

“That’s true. Did you really buy the island for us?”

“Of course.”

“Then I guess you get to see the video.”

Augustus frowned. “Video?”

Jamie nodded sleepily against his neck. “Yeah. Got tired of taking pics so I switched it to video mode about halfway through so I could make sure to record it all.”

Augustus groaned and his dick twitched. “You recorded it.”

“Yep, so we’ll have it forever. Our first time together as husbands.”

Augustus had no idea the idea would fill him with such lust, but he had half a mind to flip Jamie over and take him again. And he might do just that. Especially if it would be recorded for later viewing.

“And now you’re going to want to video us every time we have sex, aren’t you?”

“Not everytime,” Augustus protested.

Jamie laughed. “Good. But also, we need to plan on packing my equipment to take to the island because I have a few more pictures I want to take of you.”

“Will I be naked?”

“Most likely.” Jamie wiggled around and put his ear over Augustus’s heart. He raised his hand and admired the ring on his finger as he did.

“And they lived happily ever after,” Augustus whispered.

“Yeah,” Jamie whispered. “They did.”